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Moving Sorted offer a variety of convenient online conveyancing services, all within one online platform. Often, different firms can offer different services, each with varying fees. Our online conveyancing specialist service is convenient and efficient, we can provide any of your conveyancing needs as simply as possible. Easily compare quotes for conveyancing services with us today. Get your conveyancing quotes online in under 45 seconds. 



When dealing with property sales, there are a lot of processes involved. As a seller, you need to comply with all the required regulations, have your documents ready, and negotiate the contract terms. While this looks like enough, a conveyancer comes in handy, helping you perform all the identity checks, gather documentation, and draft the contract. They will then clarify the agreed-upon terms, obtain the titles and details about mortgages and any financial charges on the property. As the client, you will receive several forms regarding your home. Fill them and get ready for the sale. Since this is online conveyancing, you can quickly scan the documents and send them to interested parties.


After checking all the documents, the seller’s conveyancing specialist will send them to the buyer’s conveyancer for fair counterchecking. All these documents are part of the pre-contract package. After checking the documents, the buyer’s conveyancer will raise enquiries regarding the property sale. The seller’s conveyancer then gives the seller actionable guidance on the enquired matters. Given it is online; you can handle it through an online conference call or your preferred online options. It is a much simpler process with the conveyancers as they have been in the field for quite some time and understand their duties.

Property Sales and purchase

Whether you are selling a property, buying a new home, or both, a conveyancing solicitor is essential to cover the legalities of both selling and purchasing properties. No matter your needs, our online conveyancing quotes are flexible and catered to you and will provide a competitive price when compared to traditional conveyancing solicitors.

Our costs cover your dedicated online conveyancer who will handle your property’s legal and administrative work. Sale and Purchase conveyancing provide fees for these services. It is important to get the fixed fee inclusive of conveyance quotes.

You can compare sales and purchase conveyance quotes from our experienced professional conveyancers’ team. The quotes are free with no hidden fees or obligations attached. You get to search, calculate and compare the fees for the best legal costs. The quote is viewed in the pricing, the lender, and property location.


Remortgaging is the process of changing your property’s mortgage from one lender to a new lender. The main reason for remortgaging is the reduction of the monthly payments to your lender. It is essential to make sure your savings outweigh early valuation fees, arrangement fees, broker costs, redemption fees, etc.

Our experienced team of online conveyancing solicitors are the best at guiding you through the remortgaging process. The process is made simple and free with no hidden costs. They will help you borrow more money, get the best deal no matter the situation surrounding the remortgaging. Our remortgaging experts have extensive experience in dealing with mortgage lenders, banks, and building societies.

Transfer of equity

Transfer of equity refers to the removal or addition of a person to property deeds. This can be taking a name off a lease, separating from a spouse or transfer of name, or creating a co-owner of a property. The process requires an experienced solicitor which you can access from our team of experts.

Transfer of equity is simple when all the terms and conditions are clear and met when transferring equity. A form is filled by one party and sent to the person whose name will be removed/added. Both parties sign the documents which get filed by the solicitor before sending them to the Land registry. The process develops a few complications when a mortgage exists on the property. The cost of transfer of equity varies with the property value and the circumstances around the property such as mortgages.

Equity release

Equity release is the process through which a property owner can unlock some of a property’s value turning it into cash. We help our clients with the two variables of equity release schemes which include:

Home revision plan that allows for you to sell a percentage or all of your property to a private company. The homeowner can then receive a monthly income or a lump sum of cash or both. The plan allows you to remain on the property rent-free or partial rent till the sale of the property.

Lifetime mortgage equity release allows you to borrow against your property’s value paid in cash or installments as per your agreement. You can still maintain residence and legal ownership of the property till the amount is repaid. This scheme comes with interest rates.

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Our no move no fee guarantee gives you the security that if the process falls through at any stage, there are no fees to pay.

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What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing of a property covers the administrative and safe legal transfer of a property from one person to the next. The process is carried out by a licensed conveyancing specialist or solicitor. Conveyancers make sure to secure the property or title with all the rights and inform you of any restrictions on the property before you legally commit to its purchase.

Buying or selling a property can be very stressful and time-consuming with all the legal details that must be right. Engaging in online transfer will save you time and unnecessary disruptions from your busy schedule. Your online conveyancer will fit perfectly around your life and schedule. This is because the process can be done remotely from instructing a solicitor, property searches and checks, surveys, contracts, and deposit handlings.

Our exceptionally experienced online conveyancing specialists help you efficiently and safely buy or sell a property. They will handle the whole process with your instruction and oversight for a successful property transfer. We have the expertise and experience to offer reliable conveyancing services with smooth transactions and on-time scheduling.

Online conveyancing service benefits

Allowing our experienced conveyance team to handle your property transfer has several benefits.

  • The online conveyance process is faster and more efficient.
  • The process is cheaper since you do not need a local solicitor for the process. With online conveyance, you can work around the best expertise, pricing, and level of service.
  • The process gives you more flexibility to make changes and receive updates around your busy schedule.
  • It is easier to oversee the process through an online case tracking system in place.
  • Online conveyance is stress free as the process is non-disruptive and simpler.
  • Our no move no fee guarantee gives you the security that if the process falls through at any stage, there are no fees to pay.
  • The online services we offer are safe. Our robust internal measures prevent any fraud attempts with checkpoints throughout the process.
How does the online conveyancing process work?

1. The process starts once you have decided to sell or buy a property and an offer has been formally accepted. The first step is to instruct our online conveyancing team who will handle the legal process to complete the sale

2. Details of the solicitors acting on behalf of the buyer and seller are exchanged by the estate agent. Once these details are exchanged, the seller’s solicitor sends the contract of sale as well as all the important property forms required such as contents form, property information form, fittings form, etc. if the property is purchased with the help of a mortgage, then the solicitor will receive a mortgage accepting offer copy.

3. The next step is to arrange for the property survey. This step is not legally mandatory, but it is recommended and wise to conduct a property survey. The survey highlights major faults on the property with recommendations for additional investigations that will exempt you from costly repairs and purchases.

4. The online conveyancer then carries out property searches to find out more about the property and associated risks. Different searches are conducted including environmental, water and drainage, local authority, flood risk, water authority searches, etc.

5. After any necessary searches have been conducted, the conveyancer will work with you to identify and resolve any issues associated with the property before confirming an exchange of contracts. A completion statement, mortgage deed and transfer deeds are agreed upon and signed. Your conveyancer then confirms there are no changes since the initial search on the property from the local authorities. The signed transfer deed is then sent to the seller’s conveyancer with contracts being exchanged and the deposit sent. At this point, the buyer is legally obligated to make the purchase.

6. At this point, all parties will agree on the completion day, which is the day the sale is finalized. The solicitor will then pay the balance of the property’s sale price subtracting the deposit already paid. If the property is purchased using a mortgage, the solicitor requests finances from the mortgage lender. Your solicitor obtains all the required documents. These include transfer deeds, title deeds, and evidence of outstanding mortgages.

7. The final step of the process is post-completion. The conveyancer arranges for any applicable Stamp Duty to be paid to Revenue and Customs. The authorities (HM Land Registry) will also register you as the new owner of that property. The registry is legally done within 30 days after purchase completion. If the purchase involves a mortgage, HM Land Registry sends the title deeds to your solicitor to pass onto your mortgage lender. Cash buyers get the deeds passed directly to them.