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If you are moving house, you will need to make an important choice, do you use a professional moving company and save money, or have your friends and family help you in the moving process? Well, it’s common for most people to opt for the former but doing that is a big fault. There are so many benefits to engaging our removal services, read more to find out. Or, use our removal quote calculator now to receive an instant price to get moving sorted!

With recycled packing materials and an efficient service that allows you to be as hands on or hands off as you like, Moving Sorted are able to provide you with a removals service that is convenient and affordable. We are able to accommodate any quantity of belongings with moving vans that cater to removals big and small.

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Our removals plans are completely versatile to accommodate your moving needs

  • Fragile Packing service: If you’ve got some potentially breakable items that you want to be taken care of with professional consideration, then we can certainly factor this into your moving day. We will leave you to pack the majority of your belongings but any items such as glassware, mirrors or ornaments will be handled by our team with the utmost care and caution.
  • Owner packed service: If you prefer, we can leave you to the whole packing process, we’ll step in to take responsibility during the loading, transportation and unloading stages. If necessary, we have a range of packing materials to make your life easier in the process, these materials include padded packaging for items such as televisions and wardrobe cartons with rails for easy transportation of clothing items.
  • Full packing service: To give you the most hassle-free experience possible, we can take care of the entire packing process. With your instruction, items from each room will be categorised and packing carefully and considerately. We will then provide you with an inventory before transporting your goods and unloading them at your new property, releasing them back into your care.

Our teams are trained experts in packaging and transporting items with the highest level of caution. We are completely flexible to your needs and there to provide an extra helping hand to make your moving day that little bit easier. Receive quotes for each of our services and find competitive prices for your removals needs here.

We Will Professionally Pack Your Valuables

Packing your valuables incorrectly into the moving van is not the main blunder you can make. Instead, packing electronics, appliances and furniture inappropriately, which can lead to unexpected accidents, is a huge problem you need to avoid.

Here is where our moving services come in handy as we will help in the packing procedure. Our team of home removal specialists will pack all the valuables in the best way possible for the movement. So, if you want an assurance that your goods will arrive in the original condition, hire us for professional removal services.

More Time to Rest and Relax

If you are relocating to a new environment to start afresh, hiring a moving company needs to be your priority. This offers you the much-desired relaxation and resting time. But you might ask, ‘How is this possible?’

Well, we take care of the lengthy and demanding moving side, which gives you extra time to settle in the new area. Thus, instead of stressing yourself with the movement, use this time to undertake other activities like preparing yourself for the new life chapter.

Cost Centralisation

One of the tiring parts during home relocation entails keeping track of all the expenses. You have to factor the transporting truck, the fuel expenses, the cost of packaging boxes, and anything else you need to spend money on.

One of the most underestimated pros of using a moving company is how it centralises your expenses into a single payment. It is stress free as you only pay once and you are ready to move.

Reduce Stress

Moving house to a new locality is undoubtedly thrilling. However, it can be draining, especially if you have plenty of items to pack and transport. Due to this, your stress levels may rise, making you forget some crucial things during the moving day.

One of the benefits of getting our removal services is reducing the stress levels you might be having to a great extent. In addition, with the experience we have accrued throughout our existence, you rest assured of nothing but flawless and unmatched moving service.

There are other loads of benefits you can enjoy once you hire our services. We are efficient, fast and can work within your schedule. Above all, we are licensed and insured.

To ensure that no part of moving house is stressful, we also offer storage and skip hire services.

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Tips for moving day

  • Create a floor plan

When packing, create a floor plan of the new property. Label each room with a particular colour. As you start to fill boxes, coordinate the contents of the box with a particular room. You can then label and colour code the box so your movers know where it needs to go in the new house.

Whilst not entirely necessary it does help speed up the process. Instead of ushering us around your house, we can take care of unloading everything into the specific room whilst you start unpacking. This allows everyone involved to be a little more productive on a busy day.

  • Plan for parking

Consider the exterior of your new property and the large van that will need to make its way there. We will be immensely grateful for a heads up about any tight lanes or turning circles. This helps us plan our best route to the property and ensures we won’t get stuck.

Also try to inform us of any parking permits or restrictions. We can plan around things like this by being aware of them first. Also, if you are moving to a busy or cramped road, we need to be aware so we won’t be blocking the flow of traffic whilst unloading.

  • Make it safe for your removals team to work

If we get to your property and find leaning towers of boxes, children and pets to step over, the process is going to take much longer as we will need to take precautions for your safety, our safety and the safety of your belongings.

Try to be organised before we arrive, have pets and children taken care of during the main section of the moving day. Also, don’t try to pile all the boxes and furniture next to the front door or on the side of the street. We don’t mind moving around your house to get it to the van. This way it prevents you from having to put yourself out with lifting, and it can help prevent scratches to the walls and floors in attempts to manoeuvre furniture

  • Prepare your appliances

Any removals team are legally prohibited from tampering with mains supplies. This means if you want us to move washing machines, fridges and other appliances they will need to be ready to move when we arrive. You are responsible for unplugging and draining each appliance. Washing machines should have moving fixtures applied to prevent damage to the drum.

Also make sure that all food is removed from fridges and freezers. Give them a good clean with bicarbonate of soda and water rather than detergent. This is more effective as a cleaning solution and prevents bad odours.