• Local agents up and down the country
  • Average savings of £2,800
  • A home sold every 12 minutes
Award winning estate agents, fair fixed prices We're local in a big way
  • Local agents up and down the country
  • Average savings of £2,800
  • A home sold every 12 minutes
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If you’re looking for a stress-free experience when selling or buying a property, online estate agents could be the relief you’re looking for. Our affiliated estate agents are experts in property selling, with a range of specialized skills to attract prospective buyers and take you through the property sales process.

How buying and selling property works online

Buying or selling a property online can be so much easier than the traditional approach.

Properties are listed by the online estate agent, prospective buyers can get in touch to arrange viewings, and agreements can be made quickly. All legal requirements and regulations are met to a high standard, allowing you the security to buy or sell a house without any hassle. Need assistance with property mortgages? We can help their too.

Use the form below to provide your details so one of our trained professionals can get in contact and talk you through the process.

Benefits of online estate agents
  • Online estate agents can often save you money due to their use of fixed fees. Their fee won’t change with the value of the house, nor will they charge you in the ways that high street agents tend to due to the rise or fall of percentage sales.
  • Our expert property sellers can assist you in a quick and painless transaction.
  • The process is highly flexible allowing you to change your property listing instantly rather than waiting days for an estate agent to get back to you and update the changes.
  • With an online estate agent, you can communicate directly to buyers, this happens much less often with high street agents. This allows freedom to arrange viewings at your leisure.

Overall, making the property sales process much easier and hassle free.