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At we’re all about making the moving process as simple and straightforward as possible. We offer a range of Skip Hire services to provide you with a seamless moving experience.

During the packing process we’re aware that you may come across plenty of old and unused belongings. These items may have been living in storage within your garage or attic. Moving house can be the perfect time to declutter, especially if you are downsizing or planning to acquire plenty of new items for your new home.

The problem that can occur is finding the time and extra motivation to pack up these items and take them to the tip or recycling centre. Hiring a skip is the perfect solution in this scenario. The skip will be delivered to your address on a date of your choosing. You can select the amount of time that you have access to the skip and then it will be collected again. You will be able to have the skip collected a few days before the move so everything is sorted by the time you come to leaving your old house.

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Why Hire A Skip Whilst Moving House?

Affordable Solution to Remove Waste


At we are able to offer some incredible prices for our skip hire services. We provide services across the UK which means we often offer extremely competitive prices compared to your local skip hire providers.

You may also find that skip hire could save you money due to the fact that some tips may not accept certain waste or charge any extra fee to dispose of it for you.

Reducing the number of belongings you need to take between properties will also reduce your moving costs. If you remove any unwanted clutter before moving, you will be able to arrange a smaller or cheaper removals service which could save you plenty of extra money.

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Reduce the number of belongings you need to move


Without realising it, you can accumulate so much stuff when living in a house for a few years or decades. Depending on how often you clear out your storage spaces, you may find that there are certain things that you’ve held onto for a long time that you really didn’t need to.

Moving home is the perfect time to make the decision whether to keep these items, which will take up precious space in your new home. Or, allow yourself to let them go and claim some freedom to organise your belongings and space.

You should also consider how big the removals van is or how many trips it may take to move all your items. Especially, if you choose to hold on to things that you don’t necessarily need to keep. The moving day is already long and difficult. Do yourself the favour of getting rid of anything that you’ve had in storage for a few years or that you’ve been meaning to throw away for a while.

Save Time and Effort


In the weeks running up to the move, you will be rushed off your feet. You need to consider what your schedule looks like during the packing process and up to moving day. When are you going to factor in time and energy to travel unwanted items to the tip?

This period of your life can be extremely busy, especially if you have a family or work life to balance as well. Hiring a skip can save you plenty of time and effort by providing you with a space to place your unwanted items during the packing process. Someone will then come and collect the skip and you have saved yourself countless amounts of time.

Not only does this make the period of time running up to the move much easier but it’ll bring down stress levels, give you time to enjoy the experience, and save much needed energy for the big move day!