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If you have moved house or thinking of moving, you may need a switching service…

You might pay a lot of attention to packing and transporting when moving house. However, these are not the only things you need to consider because other equally important things, such as the utility services need to be set up in the new property.

No matter the type of property you have purchased, you will want to ensure utilities are ready before relocating. You wouldn’t like to settle in a house without broadband, gas, water, electricity, TV, or a mobile phone.

Unless this is the first time you are moving, you have unquestionably experienced the hassles people go through when setting up utilities in the new house. That’s why we are offering the best and reliable switching services to ensure you can settle in seamlessly. Check out all the switching services we provide that you may need to consider when moving home.

How to know if you should switch services

Most property owners across the country switch their services, either due to too poor customer service or uncompetitive prices. Unfortunately, when it comes to utility services, the prices kick in when determining whether to switch or not. Well, if you have not swapped your providers over a long period, remember that switching to affordable ones can prospectively help you save hundreds if not thousands of pounds annually.

First, engage our compare switching services quotes options to find out whether your current expenses are fairly priced. It only takes you a couple of steps to find out the best supplier to give you:

Also, money should not be your only concern when switching services. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid working with a company that has an uncooperative customer support team.

Broadband Services

Moving home is an artless task for any professional moving company. But, we can additionally inform your broadband provider about your relocation, making the need to set up the broadband in the new home astonishingly stress free, fast and straightforward.

We can assist you before and after moving to ensure you have an uninterrupted broadband connection at your new property within the shortest time possible.

Energy Services

When moving, sorting energy bills is perhaps not even on your checklist until you’ve arrived at your new home. Regardless, notifying your present energy provider when relocating and identifying the new energy suppliers is vital to avoid overpaying your bills. Our experienced switching services team can handle this process effortlessly at a time that is convenient to you.

Read more to learn everything you need to know regarding switching energy services before you move.

TV Services

When it comes to moving, you may be able to move with your cable TV services provided it’s available in the new locality. Nonetheless, the provider may not offer it in the region or provide a new price outside your budget. If that’s the case, then you need to find a new TV service.

If you hire us to move you, we will help you find a provider that offers TV plans, telephone and broadband connection as a single service. Combing these services into one will surely help you save a large sum of money on your monthly bills.

Mobile phone Services

After moving, switching your mobile phone services may feel like a tall order due to the high number of networks and contracts to pick from. Well, you don’t need to stress about this because we will help you discover the best SIM only deals. We will perform all the legwork and help you choose the ideal network based on your requirements and budget.

FAQs about switching services

To help make your decisions regarding switching services easier, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

Broadband speed is measured in ‘megabits per second,’ with higher ‘Mbps’ you will have a faster connection speed as the transfer of information between devices in your home is faster. Broadband speed will vary depending on your location, the provider, and the package you have chosen. Standard broadband speeds are typically around 11Mb and are sufficient for a couple of people browsing the web.

There are much faster broadband speeds depending on your needs however, if you stream high-quality videos or play online video games with multiple people accessing the network at the same time, you may require higher which can vary anywhere from 30Mbps to 500Mbps.

The speed of your internet is reflected in the price of your package, with some suppliers being more competitive than others. It is worth shopping around when you select your broadband package and compare broadband packages as some suppliers may offer a superior connection speed for a lower price.

4g and 5g home broadband provide wireless internet service without using a fixed-line such as phone lines or fibre optic cables which more traditional internet services typically used. It works in a similar way to the 4g or 5g that is received by your phone, instead, it connects to the rest of your devices as well.

Home broadband is purpose made to be used as a permeant internet supply within a home or office and can handle up to 64 devices and speeds of up to 300Mbps. As with fixed-line internet services, providers are competitive with their pricing so you will find some good value deals for the amount of data you require.

Setup can be extremely simple, when installing a typical router you may have to deal with engineer visits or fibre optic upgrades that can interrupt your service and become a strenuous process. 4g or 5g home broadband simply requires a mains supply and coverage in the area you want to use it.

You have a lot more flexibility in your contract and package deal. Contracts tend to be shorter and you can occasionally add more data to your package, allowing you to be flexible in your usage. Another component of flexibility is that the 4g router is portable, as previously mentioned it can be used anywhere there is a mains supply.

Smartphones have evolved considerably in recent years leading competing companies to develop more intricate and interesting features within their phones. Occasionally this can lead to neglect of battery life, however, as each of the new features takes its toll on the phones processing life.

Our review of the top phones with the best battery life include:

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: This is a high-powered smartphone that comes with cutting edge technology and long battery life. It lasts up to 16 hours when web browsing and almost 9 hours whilst video streaming. It is high cost however and doesn’t come with what may seem like expected features such as a charger, earbuds, or a memory card slot. The phones battery life was also tested whilst running at a lower performance speed than it is capable of.

Moto G Power: This phone comes with a similar performing battery life as the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra but for a fraction of the price. It is a lower priced phone, and this may be reflected in its slow charging time, if you are willing to sacrifice a longer charging time for up to 16 hours of battery life, this may be your best choice.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro: This phone is starting to become slightly better known among mainstream phone brands and this is likely due to its long battery life and great performance. The phone lasts over 14 hours, comes at a good price and has some great features. Its only downsides are that the camera could be better and the water-resistant rating isn’t as high as it could be when compared to the newer iPhones or Samsungs.

Broadband speed

Average UK broadband speeds are at this level:

provided by Three*