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The real estate market has been one of the most lucrative businesses today; people are looking to relocate and create new memories by buying and selling their houses. A prospective buyer may have a tough time house hunting because of all the logistics involved in finding the perfect home.

However, all the logistics could now be handled by our online estate agents who are attached to various agencies. The logical thing for a buyer would be to get in touch with one of our agents and start a discussion about their budget and their ideal home.

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Benefits of buying or selling a home online…


Efficiency in business transactions

The online platform provides customers with ease of access to information from their online estate agents. The most appealing pictures of houses certainly get the attention required from customers who wish to purchase the homes.

The online property sales and property mortgage approach saves both time and resources when a customer desires to complete a transaction. The real estate agency may send the mortgage proposal through email, and the customer may send their reply through the same channel. This helps in mitigating back and forth movement of information through hand deliveries and post offices.

Online property sales and mortgage platforms provide catalogues of prices and the property’s location to make work easier for the customer. A simple search of what a customer needs will focus on what they require, make a phone call, and set up a house visit. If the pictures match a customer’s desires and the mortgage rates are favourable, that will indeed close the deal.

Customer retention strategies

Our website captures the listings that clients regularly seek, and this will enhance service delivery. Customers will get the chance to have better choices in deciding where to buy their house.

The need to have a school nearby, especially for people with children, is crucial to where this family decides to settle. For a prospective customer who wants to move near their workplaces such as a school or hospital, the online platforms are ideally placed to cure this desire to find the perfect location.

Reduced costs

The need for office space has reduced in recent times because of the surge in online marketing. The operational costs involved have been reduced significantly because customers are more inclined to buy and sell a house online. We translate this reduced cost to the customer, meaning that instructing us during the sale or purchase of a house will be much more affordable than doing so with a high street agent.

The traditional approach to selling houses has changed, online house marketing is a 24-hour affair. This means a customer can buy a home in the comforts of their home at 3 am after having a good dream about it. An agent could close a deal at any time of the day because of the availability of their client.

FAQs about property sales or mortgages

Selling or buying a home, or arranging your mortgage online might be somewhere outside your comfort zone at the moment, this is because traditional estate agents have dominated the market for so long. Now is the time to deal with property sales and mortgages from the comfort of your current home. We’ve answered some frequently asked questions to help bring you back into that comfort zone and show you how we can make the process hassle-free.

We aim to give you a simpler process throughout the sale or purchase of a property. Carrying out this process online gives all parties involved much more flexibility to arrange viewings, contact the owners and communicate freely. This generally leads to a faster selling process and more satisfied homeowners.

You can arrange any mortgage online, but even if it is your first, we provide specialist support and guidance throughout the process. Start by filling in our mortgage form and a representative will be in touch shortly to discuss the process.

You are likely to be eligible for a wider variety of loans.

Online lenders often provide lower interest rates to stay competitive, meaning you pay less.

Save time filling in our online form and contacting a lender at a time convenient to you, rather than spending hours discussing a quote at the bank.

We operate on a 100% transparency basis. This means we will always let you know our fees and from that point, they are fixed. This lets you know your costs and gives you the opportunity to decide your path.

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