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SIM only deals offer excellent value for money. With these deals, you will get a new SIM card from your chosen service provider, and this will include a generous allowance of texts, calls, and data. The deal does not include a mobile phone. SIM only deals usually run for a month or 12 months. Besides the excellent value for money, users will enjoy less commitment with SIM only deals. Since you don’t need to replace your smartphone, you will enjoy greater convenience.


Why Should You Pick a SIM Only Deal?

The main reason why people go for SIM only deals is that they are cheaper than contract phone deals. With a contract phone deal, you would need to get a new phone, and this would cost you a small fee upfront. The rest of the cost of the phone would be included in the monthly payments. Some service providers would even allow users to forego the upfront fee, but this just means you will pay higher monthly fees. With SIM only deals, you will only need to cover the cost of the services. This allows you to access some low price deals, depending on the allowances you require.

Another benefit of SIM only deals is that they allow you to keep your old phone. This means you will not be under pressure to pick the latest phone and can even repair an old phone if you are financially constrained. You will even have the option of buying a very cheap second-hand phone.

SIM only deals also offer fewer restrictions since you will be able to switch networks at any time. If you are not certain about a specific deal, you can purchase a 1-month plan, and you can later renew it for longer periods. You can always cancel your SIM only deal and transfer to a new network.


How Do SIM Only Plans Work?

When you purchase a SIM only plan, the network provider will send you a SIM card, which you will insert  into your phone. Most smartphones today have triple SIMs, meaning you can use standard, micro, and nano SIM depending on your handset. The networks have a variety of SIM only plans, so you can select the one which you think will suit you best. For example, if you don’t usually make many calls, you can pick a plan that offers more data or texts. A good way to determine the calls, texts, and internet data you need is to check your past bills. Also, you will have to select the length of the plan, and the shortest usually runs for a month.


Is SIM Only the Same as Pay as You Go?

Many people confuse SIM only deals with pay as you go deals, but these two terms do not refer to the same thing. With a SIM only deal, you will typically get a set amount of data, calls, and texts, and these will be paid for at the end of the month. Your provider may also allow you to get SIM only deals that allow you to pay as you go. This means you will have to purchase credit every time you need to use your device. Pay as you go deals are highly convenient for people who don’t usually use their devices a lot. If you are likely to spend a lot of money on credit, it would be advisable to go for monthly deals. You should note that the amount of data, texts, and calls you get with monthly contracts is more generous compared to what you would get with pay as you go deals.


What Happens If My Phone is Locked to a Specific Network?

If you purchased your phone from a specific network provider, there is a good chance that your device is locked to that particular network. For example, if you purchased the device via Vodafone, you will have to use a Vodafone SIM card on your phone. So, what exactly should you do if you want to buy a SIM only deal from a different network provider? You should first try to use a different SIM card to confirm that it is locked. If you are able to make calls using a SIM card from a different network provider, you should know that the phone is unlocked.

If the phone is locked, you can request your network provider to unlock the device, and this can be done in two or three business days. In some cases, you may have to pay a fee so that the network unlocks the phone. You should note that companies like EE unlock your phone or tablet after some months of use, and this is done automatically. It is also possible to use a street service to unlock your phone, but this is not advisable. This is because your phone may end up getting damaged and being rendered useless.

Once you unlock your phone, you will be able to insert your new SIM card and start enjoying your plan. In most cases, you will be able to get pre-cut SIM cards, so it should not matter if your phone takes nano SIM cards, micro-SIM cards, or standard SIM cards.


Can I Get 5G SIM Only Deals?

With the rise of fifth-generation mobile technology, 5G internet has become extremely popular. This technology is a lot faster than 3G and 4G, and in the near future, it will become standard. Still, today, you can get SIM only deals with 5G SIM cards. With 5G internet, you will be able to download movies and TV shows in rich 4K quality, and this will take a very short time. 5G internet is also commonly used for gaming.

Since 5G offers up to 20 times the speed of 4G technology, you can expect the SIM only plans to be a little more expensive. You should note that the technology will not work on mobile phones that are not 5G-ready. Many companies now offer 5G SIM only deals, and they include EE, O2, BT Mobile, Three, and VOXI. Three has been noted to have the fastest 5G internet in the United Kingdom, given that they have invested heavily in the network core. Also, many 5G SIM only plans from Three come at no extra cost. BT Mobile and EE use the same infrastructure, and that means you will get the widest coverage with these companies. O2 also offers excellent 5G SIM only deals, and these may include extras such as gig tickets and free access to streaming services.