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Get to know Moving Sorted

Movingsorted.com was born from customer demand from our sister conveyancing company myconveyacingspecialist.com that was launched in 2019 and has helped thousands of home movers save over 55% on their legal fees.

Due to the majority of our movers having a brilliant experience and leaving us 9.5 out of 10 on reviews on Feefo, they where constantly asking us for recommendations and advice on all the other aspects of moving house. So we formed a focus group with the help of industry leaders and started developing the movingsorted.com platform in September 2020 to enable customers to have totally visibility of the moving journey, timelines, and costs.

The platform is designed to cover everything you need when you move home. Movingsorted will remove the stress of having to browse hundreds of websites to find the information you need before purchasing a property or moving into a new one. Compare quotes for every stage of moving out of your home into your new house on one online platform.

Moving can be a stressful time so our website is here to make it as stress-free as possible.

You are able to get house moving quotes and moving home quotes to see how much it will cost you for the size of property you have.

You can also get quotes from solicitors for moving home, which is also known as conveyancing.

The conveyancing solicitors will provide you with a full quote which will also list off items included in the quote. They will all also offer a no move no fee guarantee so if your move falls through, through no fault of your own you will not be charged.

Solicitors for moving house can help with not only conveyancing, but also organise surveys and help with indemnity insurance should it be required.

Conveyancing Services

We know that moving home can be a long and strenuous process, at movingsorted we never let our customers settle for that kind of stress and aim to provide an online, efficient service for your conveyancing enquiry.

To get started in a hassle-free moving experience, completing our free conveyancing quotation is the first step. We can provide services in sales, purchasing, re-mortgaging, transfer of equity and equity release. Once you have completed a simple enquiry form you will receive an instant quote and advice from a conveyancing specialist to discuss your journey, it is then your decision to take the stress-free path to moving home.

Our team will work alongside you throughout the entire process to make it as painless as possible. You will receive essential updates at each stage meaning that you can spend less time concerned about the legalities and more time contemplating how to decorate the new kitchen. Part of the simplicity of this process includes our ‘No move, No fee,’ guarantee, putting you in a completely risk free position, should the transaction fall though for any reason.

Get your free no obligation conveyancing specialist quote with us.

Home Surveys

Investing in a new property is a significant commitment, especially if there are hidden repair costs further down the line. When viewing a property, it takes a keen eye to spot certain defects within a house and years of experience and specialist tools to identify problems that any property could be concealing. Home surveys therefore allow for certified, comprehensive checks of a property allowing you the power of knowledge when deciding on your offer or committing to a new home.

We can provide quotes for variety of different surveys depending on your needs. Whether you want to compare the value of your property to the surrounding area in a Property Valuation report or receive an extensive review of the building structure and any defects within a Building survey to be able to secure some peace of mind.

Information on the surveys we provide and the links to get your free quote today can be found below in the Property section.


Traditional methods of selling and buying houses are becoming outdated, estate agents tend to have higher fees depending on the value of your house and often aren’t as flexible as you’d like them to be. Transitioning the process to an online estate agent can often be a more efficient and adaptable process.

Selling your home through an online estate agent will allow you to contact an agent at any time of the day, allowing you to plan your day how you want and still book important viewings or receive updates on a sales process. Property valuation reports online will save you time and money, allowing you to focus on what is important – property sales!

For a free no obligation property valuation click here.

Removals and Storage

When it comes to moving house, we want your experience to be as simple as collecting the keys and entering your new home. The rush of moving can be taken care of with Removals, Storage and Skip hire services. You’ll find quotes available for each of these services at affordable rates. Easily compare quotes online.

These services are yet another step towards the hassle-free moving experience that movingsorted aim to cater for. Forget hiring a van to find that the sofa doesn’t fit or worrying about damaging the glasses, we can help you arrange an insured and reliable removal service that gives you peace of mind throughout the move. We can also book storage facilities for the items you don’t have room for straight away or skip hire to eliminate the need for multiple tip runs the day before the move, allowing for an easy moving home experience.

Get your free no obligation clearance service quote online.

Switch Area Landing

Switching providers for energy, water and broadband services is one of the key elements to enable a smooth transition when moving home. Often you may find that you’ll make savings when switching from one provider to another, however this often comes at a cost. Retention teams may take up much of your time providing you with the best deals they can offer to keep you as their customer. This process can be time-consuming and difficult, especially when you’ve already made your decision. Save time and stress by allowing us to make the switch for you, we have a variety of deals for each service to make your life easier. Easily compare switch area landing quotes such as energy supplier through us.

One other switch that could save you money when moving house is switching mobile SIM providers. Whilst making so many other changes, why not change your SIM plan to update your tariff and save some money with the deals provided here.

Home Décor

Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of moving home is discovering how to make it your own. With so much choice in style, colour, and functionality it can be hard to make the right decision for you. Of course there is nothing wrong with redecorating, but, just in case, we have provided some of our top picks for home décor so you always have some inspiration for that new colour scheme. All the home décor products and inspiration in one place.

Our happy customers

L.Dyson review

L. Dyson


Lovely staff that are happy to help and even if things are difficult and you keep pushing the dates around, they are more than happy to be accommodating. They take the pressure off of us and made our move so much simpler. I think our advisor was called Victoria and she was super lovely and helpful!

D.Paul conveyancing review

D. Paul


Anna has been more than helpful during a trying time. Our purchase was delayed but she was able to keep rental prospects interested.

J.Aldridge conveyancing review

J. Aldridge


Thorough service from start to finish, made everything a smooth stress free process. Would highly recommend, was our first purchase and guided us through everything :)

What can MovingSorted.com do for you?

MovingSorted.com is a platform that has been developed to provide you with every possible service that you could need whilst moving house. Find out how we can make your moving experience easier, no matter what stage in the process you are in

All the services you require on one platform

For your ultimate convenience whilst moving house, we can cater to all your needs during the moving process in one place. This prevents the need for shopping around for several services which can become complicated and disorganised. Check out more information about all the services we provide.

Instant affordable quotes

The services we offer span from conveyancing to removals. To provide the best moving experience we possibly can, we have guaranteed affordable prices for each of the services you’ll find at MovingSorted.com. We take the hassle out of gathering multiple quotes for each service and organise everything that should be arranged from one website

Specialist team of experts

At MovingSorted.com we are partnered with some incredible teams of professionals. These individuals are able to provide you with expertise in the service that they provide. For example, you can guarantee that our conveyancing solicitors are fully accredited, our removals team are considerately trained to handle your possessions and our switching services are Ofgem approved.

Experience stress-free moving

Everything that we do at MovingSorted.com is inspired by the goal to create a hassle-free moving experience. This ensures that every one of our services that you chose to utilise will be simple and straightforward. We know that moving can be a super stressful experience, especially with a busy schedule or family to manage. Hand over some of that stress to MovingSorted.com and discover how easy moving can be.

10 Top Tips for Moving Day

1 Stay Hydrated and Don’t Go Hungry: The moving day can be super busy; this requires plenty of refreshment to keep you at the top of your game.

2 Check Cupboards and Drawers: Check all storage furniture is empty and tape shut the doors and drawers to prevent damage during transport.

3 Replace Your New Lock: You can never be sure that you have all the keys to your property, having your lock replaced and new keys cuts combats this instantly.

4 Use an Essential Moving Checklist to organise your move day

5 Ensure Your Phone Is Fully Charged: If you need to contact removals or your family members or need GPS to get around your new neighbourhood, it is a good idea to be fully charged

6 Pack A Bag Of Essentials: Pack a bag for items you’ll need on moving day and the day after. This can include, medications, chargers, extra clothes.

7 Make Sure There Is Parking For The Removals Truck: Check this before hand to prevent any complications or frustration on the day

8 Have A Dinner Plan: After a long day of moving, know what you’re going to eat. Research the local shops and takeaways in advance.

9 Don’t Expect To Be Settled In A Day: There is lots to unpack and set up after moving in. Prepare to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor and don’t rush yourselves to get everything done in one day.

10 Remember: It’s Normal To Feel Stressed: Moving home can be long and difficult. After much anticipation and organisation, its not over as soon as you get your keys. Prepare for a long day and take breaks whenever you need to.

Dos and Don’ts of Moving House

To get you in the mood for preparing your move, we have come up with some of the essential Dos and Don’ts when preparing to move home.

  • DO start early

After confirming the date of the move with your solicitor and the sellers you should get into action and make a plan of attack for the moving process. The earlier the better!

There are plenty of decisions to be made about moving home, the process and the moving day. We recommend dedicating a notebook to the planning process. You can even buy guided moving journals to keep track of everything.

  • DO use a checklist

Along with your dedicated notebook, it is a good idea to find a comprehensive checklist to print out and keep track of throughout the process. If you commit to this list and check back frequently, you’ll never forget a single step of the moving process

  • DO choose how involved you want to be

As soon as you know the date of your move it is easy to get swept up in the excitement and adrenaline of your new home. You should however consider that the move day can be a difficult and strenuous process.

You therefore need to make the decision whether or not to hire a removals company and how hands on you want them to be on the move day. With the Removals Services that MovingSorted.com provide, there are a range of packing services that allow you to be as involved or hands off as you desire.

You should also consider, if you choose to complete the move without a removals team, what size van you may need to consider, how long you will need to hire it for and how many trips and the cost of fuel.

  • DO declutter

Moving house is a super convenient time to declutter. As you get things out of the attic or garage from storage, this is the perfect opportunity to decide whether you need to relocate everything or lighten the load.

Have a think about certain things at the back of cupboards or items in storage that you haven’t used in months. Do you really want them to take up space in your new home or would they be better off being donated or thrown away?

To help with this process, MovingSorted.com can provide you with access to a handy skip hire service to save you time and effort travelling back and forth from the tip. Work through each room, deciding what you will be getting rid of and take it straight out your door into the skip.

  • DO create an inventory

Whilst you may be able to place all the belongings you own whilst in your old house, you may suddenly lose track of certain things once you start packing them and unpacking them in an unfamiliar location.

A moving inventory can be essential to keep track of all of your belongings and valuable and can certainly keep you on top of organisation.

You should try to be as detailed as possible when creating this list. Before packing anything, travel from room to room noting down every piece of furniture and all your belongings within each room, cupboard and drawer.

This will be useful for unpacking in the new home but also has plenty of other convenient uses. It can be helpful when transferring belongings from the care of a removals companies as well as setting up homeowners or possessions insurance. It can also be useful in the case of a robbery, of course nobody wants to prepare for their home being broken into, but if this does happen, having a comprehensive list of everything you own can help identify things that are missing.

  • DO organise

As you begin the packing process it’s a really good idea to start organising your belongings and making a plan for certain groups of items or the rooms that they will be travelling from and being placed into.

For example, if you’ve got lots of books that currently live across your home but your planning to place them all in a bookshelf in your new living room. It would be a good idea to gather the books from across the house and place them into one box labelled ‘books – living room.’

Of course, this is a simple example but it is relevant to any of your belongings. Start making piles or lists of item that you want to group together into different rooms in the new house. This will make the unpacking experience much simpler as you can always be aware of where your belongings are.

  • DO arrange care for pets and young children

The moving day can be an especially hectic day and as much as you love your family and pets, they can become a hassle during the moving process. If you’ve got small children that require care or collecting from school, try to arrange a childminder or family or friend to take care of them until you’re a little less busy.

The same goes for pets, especially if they could become uncomfortable in a new space. Try and prepare care for them so you can collect them when you are slightly more settled and able to keep track of them in the new space.

This is likely the best solution to reduce a lot of stress for both you, your children, and your pets.

  • DO a final check of the house

Before handing over your old keys and leaving your property for good it would be a clever idea to do one final complete check of the house. This is a good time to check everything is emptied from cupboards, drawers and storage spaces. It would be a nightmare if you forgot any of your belongings!

Check that all electrical sockets are switched off and any gas appliances such as hobs or ovens are not running. You want to ensure the house is as safe as possible before handing it over to the new owners.



  • DON’T lose track because you don’t have a plan

We discussed earlier how vital a plan can be to keeping track of your moving process. If you didn’t create a plan, we can only imagine the kind of havoc that would occur. How would you keep track of the services you have booked? How would you know the balance of costs that are building up? How would you know what still needs doing?

There are so many different things to take account of when moving house so it is important to keep some level of organisation. Even if it’s making a basic list of each of the jobs that need doing and crossing them off when they are complete. This will save you much more stress and worry when it comes to the final days and hours before the move.

  • DON’T wait until the last minute to start packing

Delaying the packing process and then underestimating how long it will take can be one of the worst experiences when moving house. On the morning of the move, you want to feel prepared and organised, this cant happens if you still have the whole kitchen to pack up.

Start small but start early to ensure that you are on top of the packing the entire way through the process. This will save you plenty of hassle and effort

  • DON’T accept expensive quotes for services

With so much to organise it can seem much easier to use the first quote you find by searching for removals, skip hire, water and energy deals. This can often lead to expensive bills and invoices that add to the already expensive cost of moving house.

At MovingSorted.com we offer some amazing quotes that promise to be competitive and affordable. Even if you choose not to use our services, it is still a good idea to check for the best priced deal you can find.

  • DON’T skimp on packing materials

If you have large or fragile belongings that require careful and cautious packaging, It would be a mistake to not spend the time and resources ensuring these are packaged well. There are packing products that cater specifically for fragile items such as padded and reinforced boxes for televisions. Whilst this may mean spending more on packaging, it could potentially save you hundreds or thousands of pounds on damaged valuables.

  • DON’T injure yourself through lifting

Whilst it can seem more affordable to complete the move by yourself with a hired van, this leaves all the heavy lifting to you and whoever you are moving with or can recruit for the moving day. This could leave you with pain or guilt if you or one of your family or friends gets injured in the process.

Keep this in mind when considering whether to hire removals services and whether the risk is worth saving the money on a company that are professionally trained and equipped to deal with the transportation of bulky furniture and goods.

  • DON’T forget to change addresses or inform friends and family

Admin and paperwork that isn’t related to the sale of the house can fall to the back of your mind when preparing to move house but this can be detrimental to life in your new home.

We have created a useful change of address checklist so you can keep track of all the essential contacts to update.

3 Smart Packing Solutions

1 Plastic bags for spill-able items

A clever packing hack for toiletries is to utilise plastic bags to prevent spillages. For certain bottles such as shampoo, fabric conditioners or any type of bottle containing liquid that may spill. Unscrew the lid, place a plastic bag over the neck of the bottle and replace the cap. Then pull the bag around the bottom of the bottle and secure with some tape. This should prevent spillages, or catch any within the plastic bag.

2 Roll clothes

If you choose not to utilise wardrobe boxes, or have extra clothes to pack away into boxes or suitcases, there is a particular technique to save space. Fold your shirt, sweater, trousers or other clothing item in half, fold over any sleeves and roll from top to bottom.

3 Take account of valuables and important documents

Whilst packing up everything you own and transferring between two locations, it can be easy to lose track of certain items. To prevent the panic that comes with losing track of your most valuable items, we have some recommendations to secure your peace of mind.

Gather each of your valuables and important documents in one or a few boxes or bags. Label these as important and if you would feel more comfortable, transport them in the car with you instead of in the removals truck. You can then place this box straight into your new bedroom or somewhere that they will be tucked out the way.

How to De-Stress During the Move

Accept there will be some stress

One of the best ways to relieve some stress is to accept that there will be stress. Mentally preparing yourself is one of the best techniques to creating an easier day.

There will be moments where frustrations become apparent whilst manoeuvring furniture or the timeline isn’t going to plan.

Anticipating these issues and rolling with the punches can really settle the nerves before the move and calm any tension during the day.

Ask for help

Never be afraid to ask for more hands onboard during the moving process. This doesn’t even have to be in regards to heavy lifting.

Asking family and friends to help with child care or unpacking boxes is more than acceptable if they are given plenty of notice.

Chill out the night before

If you’re well organised you should be packed well before the night before the move. This gives you the perfect opportunity to appreciate one last night in your old home. Order a takeaway or cook one last supper and leave out a game of monopoly or a laptop to watch a movie.

Get a good night’s sleep and mentally prepare yourself for a busy day ahead. Feeling calm and relaxed the night before moving is one of the keys to a successful moving experience. You don’t want to be rushing around right up to the point your head falls onto the pillow. You need plenty of time to recharge for the big day.

After you’ve moved house

Inspect your new home

Before you’re completely familiar with your new property, take a moment to travel between each room and take note or pictures of imperfections that you’re not happy with. If you own your home, this gives you a list of jobs to do to turn the property into your perfect home.

If you are renting the property, check the property inventory to assess whether the landlord or agent is aware of any damage. Report anything that was at the property before you arrived that you didn’t cause.

Deep clean your house

Everyone has their own standards of clean. Starting fresh can certainly make your house feel more like home knowing that it is clean to your standard. This will make the place feel brand new.

Meet your neighbours

If you hadn’t already bumped into the neighbours during the unloading process it’s a good idea to introduce yourself shortly after moving in. This shows your polite manner and can be a great way to familiarise yourself with the area, as well as making some new friends.

Complete any outstanding tasks

Although we recommend completing certain things before you move, it’s not the end of the world if not everything is done before the move day. Utilities may require meter readings before an account can be set up or you may just be too busy to have completed admin.

Within the first few days of moving into your new home, ensure that there is a mail redirect for your old address and finish changing addresses for any accounts that haven’t already been adjusted.

Change the locks

Now you own your new home, it is a good idea to secure your property. It is likely that you often are given all the keys to your home but you can never be sure if the previous owners lost or forgot about a spare key. Replacing the locks and having new keys cut immediately deals with these issues.

Get Comfortable!

You Did It! You are in your new house and can finally relax. Now is the time to make plans for redecoration, rearrange a room a few times and make it your home.

Moving home is a great time to replace or upcycle old furniture or redecorate a room in a way that you had never considered before. There is plenty of décor inspiration to consider and new spaces can provide worlds of opportunity.

Invest in some items or decorations that make it feel like yours and get creative!