What You Need to Know Before Buying a Steel Frame House

steel frame house

Steel-framed homes are increasingly popular because of their lower cost and higher resale value. What is a steel frame home? A steel frame typically consists of two or more metal beams that form the shape of the house on the ground, with vertical posts connected to them. The exterior walls and roof are then added, along with insulation and drywall between interior studs. Steel frames offer many benefits: they’re less expensive than other types of materials; they have a high resale value; you can get mortgages for them, and they’re very durable

The one drawback to steel frames is that getting a mortgage might be difficult if your credit score isn’t perfect. But even if you can’t get a traditional mortgage, there are still options

Before buying a steel frame home, do your research. Find out how much they cost and visit websites that offer them for sale. If you’re considering this type of construction, check with builders in your area to ensure the quality is up to par. You should also investigate mortgages


How Steel-Framed Homes Are Different From Other Types of Construction

Differences between steel-framed houses and typically houses occur in the materials that the buildings are constructed from. Steel is considered a non-standard construction method, along with materials like concrete. Typical houses are built with a concrete foundation. Walls are then built on top of these foundations with bricks and mortar. A structure is then built using wood and further bricks within the interior of the house to create rooms and floors.

Steel framed houses differ from the traditional construction of buildings due to the alternative material used to create structure. Steel skeletons are constructed and exterior walls and roofs are attached. These houses are lightweight compared to typical structures and are far less expensive to build.


What You Need to Know Before Buying a Steel Frame House

Steel framed houses are a fairly modern renovation to household construction, therefore certain things should be considered before the purchase of a steel frame house.

  • You Should Always Arrange a Homebuyer’s Survey

It is always recommended that an RICS homebuyers survey is performed on steel-framed houses. This is due to the fact that several structural issues can arise with this method of construction. Steel-framed houses are susceptible to corrosion. The steel components can corrode severely, particularly at the bases of the wall stanchions as well as the galvanized steel windows and the joins to the concrete ground floor slab. You often can’t easily detect this corrosion and you can’t inspect it unless you open up the walls via an intrusive inspection (i.e. not a standard RICS home buyers survey) and if you were looking to buy a steel frame home, the seller might not agree to this before purchase.

  • Beware of Poor Energy Efficiency

Steel frame houses are susceptible to poor energy efficiency due to their lightweight composition as well as lack of insulation in comparison with traditional structures. You must ensure that steel frame houses are fitted with full insulation to the roof, external wall and floor. If the steel frame house has insufficient insulation you may find damp forming within the steel itself due to condensation. Installing new insulation may increase the costs of the purchase.

  • Getting a Mortgage for a Steel Frame Home May Be Difficult

Mortgage lenders tend to be cautious when lending for steel-framed houses. This is because problems can occur in relation to insurance or resale. Often exceptions can be made depending on the type of steel frame construction however this will depend on the lender.

There are variations in the type of steel frame houses. Some offer more reinforcement than others but this encourages uncertainty around their reliability. When applying for a mortgage, if this information becomes apparent to the lender, your application could be rejected.


Why You Should Consider Buying a Steel Frame Home

Despite the concerns surrounding steel-frame houses, steel-framed houses have many advantages. They are more affordable and offer a longer lifespan than more traditional structures. You should also consider steel-framed homes as a contemporary option to more traditional construction methods due to their lightweight nature and toughened stability in well-built properties.


Final Thoughts

The purpose of this article is not to scare you away from the idea of purchasing steel-framed houses. There are pros and cons for each argument to be made about steel-framed houses. Whatever your decision may be, make sure you do your research before taking out a mortgage or making an offer on a steel frame house. Whilst many are constructed to extremely high quality, you should always have the property surveyed to ensure the safety of your investment.

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