Moving House? Here’s how you should pack your clothes.

packing clothes

Moving house is always an exciting time. After deciding upon your moving date, you can begin to make a plan for a stress-free and straightforward move. One of the simplest ways to make the move feel that much easier is by utilising some of the most efficient ways to move clothing. Amongst furniture and fragile possessions, clothes are one of the minor details that will appear on your list. However, getting organised early can save plenty of hassle in the long run.

Throughout this article, we’ll provide some of our top tips on how to pack clothes for moving. If you’re interested in removals services to take care of the packing process, check out the details here. 


Before packing

Many movers often ask, when is the best time to start packing clothes and other belongings? Depending on how organised you intend to be, clothes are often the last item to check off the list. 

However, as the moving process progresses, packing up your shoes and clothing closer to the moving date can seem like more and more effort. Instead, handling the task early can grant you an air of tranquillity after the last box has been sealed. 

The first thing we recommend is to start sorting your clothes a couple of weeks or even a month before the move date. This includes doing the laundry and whittling down any underused garments. 

We always recommend that movers with a tendency to hoard should arrange their clothing well in advance. Setting aside an afternoon to decide what should be kept, donated, or binned is the best way to avoid overpacking and creating heavier bags or boxes. We suggest you consider getting rid of anything that hasn’t been worn in over a year. 


How to pack folded clothes

Whether you want to make the unpacking experience simple or need to be savvy with space, there are plenty of methods of packing folded clothes that can benefit your moving process. 

Various factors can be adjusted to consider your packing preferences and requirements. You can move clothing using various packaging materials and alternative folding strategies for the most efficient use of space. 

  • Cardboard boxes 

If you’ve hired a large moving van and have plenty of clothes to move, cardboard boxes are often the most straightforward transportation vessel. You can fill a large box with drawer-fulls of clothes and label them for convenient unpacking. 

Another of our top tips when packing clothes for moving house is to arrange your clothing into separate collections. Divide clothes by season, occasion or owner and label the boxes accordingly.

  • Suitcases & Bags

If you already have plenty of suitcases or travel bags, this could save you the cost of additional packing materials. Just like going on holiday, packing your clothes into a suitcase to be unpacked in your new home can be incredibly exciting. 

Hardshell suitcases are particularly effective for moving shoes or other items that you wouldn’t want to lose shape. By stuffing the shoes with packing paper or socks and efficiently packing them into the suitcase, 

  • Vacuum bags

Vacuum bags are one of the most convenient moving bags for clothes. They are available in various sizes and incredibly useful for condensing clothing and soft furnishings.

Some moving companies offer vacuum bags but can also be found in high street stores and online retailers. When moving house, clothes bags with vacuum seals are often the most compact and space-efficient way to pack. 


How to pack hanging clothes

There are specific garments that you may not want to be folded. Precious items of clothing such as suits and dresses may require alternate solutions. Fortunately, a handful of methods allow you to do just that.  

  • Wardrobe boxes

Moving boxes for your clothes offer convenience and protection for your hanging items. Certain removal companies offer boxes with a built-in rail for attaching hangars. During the move, the box offers protection against creases and damage from being fumbled around alternative containers. 

  • Drawstring bin liners

A slightly more affordable alternative to wardrobe boxes is to utilise an item you likely already have in the home. Bin liners that feature drawstrings are an easy way to protect your clothes whilst being able to hang them.

To utilise this technique, you can take clothes straight from the wardrobe whilst still on their hangar. Place the collection of clothes into the bin liner before tying the drawstrings tightly around the hangar. Alternatively, you can make a hole in the bottom of the liner to push the hangar through and tie off the ends.  


Choosing the right removals company

Rather than packing your clothes yourself, there is an entirely hassle-free alternative. Our removal services allow movers to step back and enjoy peace of mind. You can leave packing your clothes to the professionals by utilising a trusted company. They’ll use high-quality packing materials and expertise to safely relocate your wardrobe. 

At Moving Sorted, we are partnered with one of the UK’s leading removal companies. If you are interested in packing materials or removals services, don’t hesitate to complete your quote today. We provide fair, affordable prices for removals across the UK.