Moving House Change Of Address Checklist

woman moving house checking phone

Moving houses, even in the best of circumstances, is never a simple task. After worrying about the down payment and signing tons of paperwork, you still have to worry about the moving itself.

Many people think that all you need to do is get moving supplies and hire a moving truck. However, you’ll need to notify all the right people and agencies that you have changed addresses.

If you have lived in a single location for years, it means you have a lot to do in terms of updating people and businesses about your new contact address. Therefore, it’s best to get started as soon as possible.

Below is a look at the people and businesses you need to inform of your change of address.


Government Bodies

1. The Royal Mail

You don’t want to settle into your new address only to begin wondering why you aren’t receiving any mail! The Royal Mail, ought to be at the top of your list. Make plans to make sure that your mail will move with you.

Visit the official Postal Service change of address website and fill in a simple form. You will need to pay a small fee to confirm that you are the person requesting the change and not an imposter.

The fees charged by the service will vary depending on where you want the mail redirected.

This service allows all of your mail sent to the previous address to be redirected to your new address for the period that it takes you to make adjustments everywhere else.

2. Electoral register

If you are a registered voter and would like to exercise your right to vote, you’ll need to confirm that your address has been updated in the electoral roll. It’s imperative to do so if you prefer to vote by mail, by proxy, or from an overseas location.

Visiting the government website on will let you know how to update your address

3. The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and Other Official Licensing Agencies

While you’re updating your postal address and voter registration website, make sure also to visit the DVLA website (driver and vehicle licensing agency) to do the same.

You need to remember to change the address on your license as well as the registration for any owned vehicles. For vehicles, you can either complete the change of address via the post with your V5C, this can also be done online.

4. HM Revenue & Customs

Always ensure that you have informed the HM Revenue & Customs of any intended address changes. This is necessary for income information as well as national insurance The only way you’re going to get that tax refund you’ve been waiting for will be if the HM Revenue has your current address.

You can inform the service of your change of address online and even link your current bank account for easier tax processing. Connecting a banking account ensures the service will process your refunds as fast as it possibly can.


Financial Institutions

Identify theft has for years been aided by mail theft. You can protect your identity and privacy by notifying all financial institutions you’re currently using of your change of address. If possible, make sure you do this before the move.

Providers and people that should top your list include:

1. Accountant and Tax Advisor

Trust us, as the tax season approaches, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you can’t locate some of your important tax information. The presence of conflicting addresses on your tax forms can cause unnecessary confusion.

In some cases, it can cause a tax audit, lost refund, and even delays when processing crucial data.

2. Bank

It doesn’t matter whether you have recently taken to conducting all your banking online. You’ll still want to ensure that the bank has your latest home address. It’s the address it will use when sending your billing information and bank statements.

4. Credit Card Companies

If you have recently gone paperless, it doesn’t mean that the credit companies shouldn’t be informed of your change of address. The companies will need your address to send you important notices.

Your seasonal offers and new credit cards will always be sent to the address on file. If it’s not up-to-date, there’s a high chance your details may fall into the wrong hands.

5. PayPal

PayPal is one of the services known to keep a user’s address on file. Failing to notify them of any changes that have occurred recently could lead to products lost during shipping and even declined payments.

6. Loan Issuers

If you have been using an institution that has lent you money, they will need to know when you change addresses.



There’s nothing as mind-numbing as moving into your new residence only to realize that you forgot to get your utilities switched on. Whether moving cross country, across the street, or to the next town, ensure that the utility companies are informed of your address change.

The utilities you’ll need to change include:

1. Phone, TV & Broadband

The reason for bundling is because the broadband company will likely attempt to sell all this to you as a single bundle. However, it’s best to ensure that each gets notified separately, particularly when using multiple carriers.

2. Water

Failing to switch your address with your water provider is a rookie mistake most people make when moving for the first time. Chances are, you’ll need to take a shower immediately after unpacking.

As such, ensure contacting the water company has been included in your “ample notice” list.

3. Gas & Electricity

Along with water, gas and electricity are some of the key utilities to have set up for a new address when moving house. You can provide the utilities company with a couple days’ notice before you move in. Usually, the only thing you need to do after moving, is send off a meter reading.

Forgetting to set up gas and electricity can become very expensive as you will have to pay a surcharge for the gas and electricity you have used. This is usually at a higher rate than the companies charge within their deal. So, it is worthwhile investing a few minutes in setting this up.


Insurance Companies

It’s pretty easy to forget the number of insurance policies you have taken over the years to help protect your family and belongings. Don’t forget that insurance coverage can prove tricky, even to a seasoned mover.

Forgetting to update your change of address to your insurance providers could leave you underinsured when you need coverage the most. With most insurers, you can complete this process on the phone or online.

Insurance companies to notify will include:

1. Dental Insurance, Life Insurance, Private Healthcare

Did you know that an insurer can deny a claim for any incorrect information on your policy? If you decide to change addresses, ensure the insurer gets notified of this. it may not seem important at the time but circumstances can change quickly and its always better to be prepared.

2. Renters Insurance or Home Insurance

A home insurance policy will only protect you if it has the correct address for your home. The home insurance provider must be notified of all address changes. The notification will enable them to determine whether they need to apply any new cover charges.

Regardless of whether you’re renting or owning your home, some situations may require you to prove that you have secured the home with a renter’s or home insurance policy.

3. Car Insurance

When you decide to move, you’ll need to get in touch with your car insurance provider. Notify them of your intent to change addresses, and inquire whether they cover the location you want to move to.

The insurer will also confirm whether they need to modify your coverage. Depending on the area you move to, you might find that you are charged more or less on your annual payments.


Memberships & Subscriptions

Certain retail stores are available all over the country. An excellent example of these is Ikea and Starbucks. It’s best to provide an updated address with each organization before moving, no matter how far away your new home is. This will make it easier to stock up on supplies once you have settled in your home.

Other memberships & subscriptions whose change of address you may want to update include:

  • Religious institutions
  • Magazines & subscription boxes
  • Retail clubs


Friends & Family

Last but not least are your friends and family. It’s one crucial group that you can’t afford to overlook. These are the people who make up your personal life and are there to support you whenever you are going through life changes.

It’s common for individuals to send out change of address cards to their contacts, but it may be a better idea to consider sending out a mass email.