How To Get A PAC Code

getting PAC code

Getting a new phone is exciting. You’ll likely have an abundance of new features to explore and enjoy and have a shiny new handset to show off. The only inconvenience that occurs during this process is letting your entire contact lists know that you’ve changed your phone number. This entails contacting people you potentially don’t want to hear from or having awkward interactions with old acquaintances, out of touch family members or prior colleagues. There is a simple solution to this, however. You can keep your original phone number, use it within your new handset and not have to contact anyone in your address book. This can be done by acquiring your PAC code. A Porting authorisation code is a string of numbers that can be passed onto your new provider, allowing you to continue to use your existing phone number, across devices. 


What is a PAC Code?

A PAC code, or porting authorisation code is a nine-digit string of numbers that allows you to transfer your existing phone number from one provider to another. The PAC code ensures you can continue to use the same phone number, no matter whether you change handset, contract or sim card. 

The process of acquiring and activating your PAC code is incredibly simple. Using this article, acquiring your PAC code to transfer your phone number is quick and easy. 


Two-step guide for acquiring your code

Step One: Contact your current provider

This stage can either be completed before or after cancelling your existing contract with the previous provider. During the cancellation process, you can request that they send you your PAC code after the phone call. Or, if you’ve already purchased the new handset, you can text your previous provider to receive the code.

Typically your PAC code will be valid for 30 days after you have received it. Therefore if there is an overlap period of around a month between receiving your new phone, it is worth waiting a few weeks to prevent any hassle. 

For many providers, contacting them regarding the PAC code is incredibly simple. Most mobile networks have a specific number that you can send a text, requesting your code. This means you won’t have to face any hassle by calling customer services.


Step Two: Provide your new network with the PAC code

Once you’ve set yourself up with your new network, or even during the set-up phase, you can let them know of the code from your prior provider. This will initiate the cancellation process for your previous agreement. 

All you need to do is activate your new sim from the new provider within 30 days to be able to transfer across your existing phone number. After activating the new account, you may receive instructions from your new provider telling you how to activate your phone number. 

To check everything is working, ask somebody to give your phone number a call or make an outgoing call to see if the same contact number appears. If all appears as it should, then you would have successfully transferred your phone number from your old provider to your new network.


Getting your PAC code from each network

Previously, acquiring your PAC code from each individual network was tedious and challenging. You would have to call the customer service centre to request the code. However, this would entail their cancellation retention services, meaning you have to jump through hoops to get what you actually want. To combat this, the government introduced a ‘text-to switch policy in July 2019.

The new policy made it infinitely easier to switch providers, no matter which network you were with. All you have to do is text ‘PAC’ to 65075. You should receive a reply within a matter of minutes with your code and any charges remaining on your account. 

Alternatively, you can also switch providers without using the same number. Instead, you can request your STAC code. This stands for Service Termination Authorisation Code. This code can be attained by texting ‘STAC’ to 75075.


Other methods to get your code


If you’d rather call the network to receive your PAC code or have any complications surrounding your account, there are individual methods for each network provider. These complications can include having unknown charges associated with your account, having more than one phone number associated with the account or cancelling when you aren’t the account holder. For most of these enquiries, you’ll likely need to speak to a call handler. 

Follow the information below to contact each network provider to receive your PAC code:

  • EE

Call 150 from your number currently connected to EE, or 07953966250 from any other mobile. Alternatively, alterations can be made on ‘My EE’ accounts by using the ‘Leave EE’ section in the Account Settings section.

  • Three

To receive your PAC code from Three, you can call 333 from your Three phone, or 0333338101 from any other mobile. Alternatively, accessing the ‘take my number with me form’ on your Three account page will provide your code

  • O2

To leave O2, call 202 from your O2 phone number, or 03448090202 from any other phone. Accessing your ‘My O2 account’ will also allow you to request your code. 

  • Vodafone

Calling 191 from your Vodafone number will provide your PAC code. Alternatively, you can use either the webchat function or by heading to the ‘Mobile Switching’ section in your account settings. 

  • BT Mobile

If you want to receive your PAC code from BT, call 0800800150 from any phone. Or, you can log into your BT account and go to the section called ‘thinking of leaving BT’

  • iD mobile

To switch from iD mobile. Accessing your account, going to ‘End my plan’ within the account settings will allow you to request your code. This can be done via either the iDmobile app or website.

  • FreedomPop

Receiving your code from FreedomPop is simple, send a message to to receive your code. 

  • Giffgaff

To acquire your PAC code from Giffgaff, it can be requested via their website

  • Lycamobile

For your code, you can call 322 from your Lycamobile phone number. Alternatively, you can call 02071320322 from any other number. 

  • Plusnet mobile

Using your Plusnet phone, dialling 500 will allow you to acquire your PAC code. Or, calling 08000791133 from any other phone will provide access. Alternatively, you can attain your code from your online account. 

  • Sky Mobile

Receiving your PAC code from Sky mobile is as simple as calling 03300412524 from any phone. 

  • VOXI

Either calling 08080057397 from any network or accessing your online account and accessing ‘Leave VOXI’ will provide your PAC code. 

  • Smarty Mobile

For your PAC code from Smarty mobile, you will need to use your online account. Entering the account settings and selecting ‘leave now’ will provide your code. 

  • Tesco mobile

Calling 03453014455 from any phone number will allow you to receive your code from Tesco mobile. Alternatively, using your online account and selecting ‘view or change my account details,’ and then ‘Leaving Tesco mobile’ will give access to your PAC code. You can also acquire the code using online chat. 

  • Virgin Mobile

Calling Virgin mobile on 789 from your virgin phone, or 03456000789 will allow you to access your code. Or, signing into your online account and selecting ‘switching’ will also provide the code.

  • Lebara Mobile

Lebara mobile offers a simple form to complete via their website to access your code. 

  • Asda mobile

To acquire your PAC code from Asda mobile, call 2732 from your Asda number. 0800792732 can be called from any other number. Using your online account will also allow you to receive your code. 

  • Talk Mobile

Talkmobile provides your PAC number by calling 5888 from your Talkmobile number. Any other phone number can call 03333048064 to acquire the code. 


Final Thoughts

A PAC code is extremely useful for transferring a phone number between network providers. Whether this allows for convenience or continuity, a PAC code is fairly simple to acquire from each network. The majority of mobile providers will allow you to acquire your code by texting ‘PAC’ to 65075. If any other complications occur, or you require the services of customer support, follow the methods outlined above for your specific provider.

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