What Is The Best Day To Move House?

moving day marked on calender

There are plenty of alternative opinions that exist in regards to which day is best for moving house. There are also some statistics which can be used to provide arguments for which days may be better than others.

In this article find out when the most popular days to move house are. However, you may also discover that just because certain days are popular, doesn’t mean they are the best.

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Let’s dive straight into analysing Fridays as a candidate for the day to move house.

The HomeOwnersAlliance provided statistics based on their removals quotes service which demonstrated that Fridays are the clear favourite day for people to move house on.

There is certainly a definitive argument that demonstrates that Friday is a good day to move on. Friday gives you the most time available to set-up and unpack before work on Monday.

The last working day of the week would ideally the best day to move house. You would only need to take one day off work. Consequently you then have full advantage of moving over the weekend. After a busy weekend, you can continue with your working week on Monday morning after settling into your new home.

From the same data source, it was also proposed that typically the busiest day of the year to move is usually the last Friday of August.

But, there are disadvantages to moving house on the most popular day. Consider the similarities between a busy theme park on a summer bank holiday. There a desirable reasons to choose this date, just as there are desirable reasons to move house on the last Friday of August. However, you may not have the most efficient experience due to large amounts of people that are also keen to visit the theme park, or move house, on the same day as you.

Especially within peak seasons, moving on a Friday is likely to give you trouble due to availability of moving companies.

Banks and estate agents tend to be busiest on a Friday due to the demand from movers and this puts you at a much higher risk for delays to your completion.


So What Day Should You Move House?


After Friday and Saturday, the next most popular day for moving house tends to be Monday.

The advantages of moving on a Monday are that it tends to be a little quieter and you have had the entire weekend to prepare for the move. This gives you the opportunity to do the last bit of packing, arrange your new utilities, browse for some décor inspiration or mentally prepare and rest up for the move day.

Most people get their moving done on Friday and Saturday. This leaves Monday with the advantage of availability in moving companies. This means you should hopefully get first choice in the companies and time of day that you want to book your removals.

Tuesday, Wednesday and potentially Thursday might bear the same benefits. Mid-week is the absolute quietest time to move house. This gives you the advantage of a much lower risk of delays and full availability in services.



There are some common beliefs and superstitions surrounding moving house that often dictate the choice of moving days for some movers.

  • In regards to moving day, one of the most common superstitions is that you should avoid moving on a rainy day.

The origin of this superstition is unknown and the belief simply states that it is unlucky. Of course, the rain could become an inconvenience during the loading and unloading process but it’s up to you whether you would like to take the risk on a rainy day.

  • Another frequent superstition, clearly not followed my many, is that Friday and Saturday are unlucky days to move house on

The belief stems from the idea that these days of the week don’t allow you to fully settle into your new home. It is also suggested that if you move on these days, you will feel uncomfortable in your new house for a long time. Mysterious!

Following this superstition may give you a good excuse to take some extra time off work and move into your new house during the week.

  • A common belief stemming from Indian culture suggests that Thursday is the luckiest day to move house.

Not only will moving on a Thursday hopefully bring you some luck, according to the superstition, but you should have some ease in booking removals services as it tends to be a much quieter moving day.


Things That Can Prevent You From Moving On Your Chosen Day

After all that decision and debate about which day you would prefer to move house, there are certain factors that can throw all of that out the window. Sometimes moving house doesn’t always happen the way that you would like. Here are some of the reasons that can throw a curve ball to your plans.

  • Being part of a chain

Being part of chain when moving house means that you there are multiple people linked through the sale and purchase of their properties. The chain starts with an individual who is only buying a property and ends with someone who is only selling. In between these people there can be a number of links in the chain buying and selling several properties.

As you are linked to multiple people within this transaction, your decision for a moving day becomes more complicated. Often, you are not the only person making the decision. Your conveyancer will try to work in your favour to agree a date for your completion. Though, often means some compromise.

This factor contributes to the popularity of Fridays as a completion and moving date as it is a convenient middle ground for negotiations and compromises.

  • Booking removals

After deciding that you want to move on one of the busier days because of their apparent advantages, you should prepare to be told no by removals companies who are too busy on that specific day.

Your next option is then to take a lower quality removals service or to rethink the date you have chosen.

If you decide to move on a Friday or within the busy summer season then you should try and make arrangements as soon as possible to confirm your chosen date. Ensure this is done after a completion date has been agreed however.

  • Bank transfer systems

Another disadvantage to the popularity of Friday as a moving day is that if the bank cannot take payment by 4pm then your completion will be delayed.

Banks and many solicitors do not operate over the weekend which can throw a large spanner in your works if your completion is pushed to the next working day. This means trying to arrange moving services and time off work very last minute.

If you make the choice to move on a busy day and are part of a large chain, this is certainly something you should consider and perhaps prepare for the worst.

  • Expiry of rental agreements

Popularity of moving at the end of the month is increased by the end of tenancy agreements. Individuals moving from rented to purchased properties often tend to do so at the end of the month in coordination with their contracts.

This again increases the business of removals companies and contributes to the popularity of the last Friday of August as the most popular day of the year to move house.


What About Moving at Different Times of The Year?

There are certainly some benefits to considering alternative dates for moving house. Purchasing a new property in spring or autumn months may certainly work in your favour. You are likely to experience a much more affordable and peaceful moving day.

  • Spring

Spring can be a hidden gem for moving house. The temperature is starting to get a little warmer which won’t make the moving process unbearable due to the cold. The moving season is only just starting which increases availability for moving services.

You may find disadvantages in the weather system however. Within the UK, spring showers are particularly unpredictable, this could create an inconvenience and unpleasant experience. On the flip side, if you suffer from seasonal allergies, spring is when pollination comes into full swing. You could be risking a day of stuffy noses and itchy eyes.

  • Summer

As previously discussed, the summer months are notorious for the moving economy. This tends to be due to the warmer weather, longer days and school holidays.

However, you should consider availability and business as well as scorching summer days that could turn an already long and strenuous day into an unbearable experience.

Something else to account for if you are planning to sell your house and buy a property within separate transactions, the summer months in the UK will be the most expensive to stay in temporary accommodation. Resorts and hotels will be full of holidaymakers from across the country and the rest of the world which causes prices to surge.

  • Autumn

Autumn may potentially be the sweet spot for moving house. The moving season is starting to slow down which increases availability of moving services and success of completion. You may also find better deals for buying a house as there is less competition on the market. The weather also tends to be more predictable and you are less likely to be scorched by the warm weather.

  • Winter

This tends to be the lowest demand season for house purchases and sales. However, if you happen to find your dream property in the winter you will be in luck for the best quality moving companies. You may also have unrestricted choice on your moving day.

However, there are reasons that the moving economy tends to be quieter this time of year. The moving day can be rather uncomfortable during winter months. It is also typically undesirable to move house towards the holidays. Expenses tend to be high and moving house is a particularly large investment.


Other Things To Consider

You can complete and move house on different days

When deciding which day to move house on, this can often be tangled with deciding which day to complete your sale and purchase on. However, you do have the choice to move the day after, or multiple days after completing on a property.

This can be a great benefit to you, so long as you are able to vacate the property you have sold. On completion day, all previous owners must leave the property in order for the new owners to move in. If you are unable to take time off work, you can still complete during the week. You may then decide to wait until the next weekend to move into your new home.

You will of course have to find storage facilities for your belongings. It would also be a good idea to move out of your property the day before completion. This will ensure everything is in order for the new owners on completion day. If this works for you and creates a much more convenient situation, this may be the solution for you.

You can avoid the Friday rush by completing during the week and moving in over the weekend.

Costs of moving services can vary throughout the week and year

As much as availability can differ throughout the week, so can prices accordingly. You will often find that the quieter days and periods will be lower in price. Whereas these prices rise towards the end of the week, peaking on a Friday.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has helped to clear up some of the difficulty in the decision for which day to move. The key thing to remember is to be flexible but consider your family and your own needs. Plan ahead and you’ll often find success on your moving day. Be sure to check back with MovingSorted.com at any time for more information about moving house or removal services and many more services for moving house.